Circle Vibrate Sieve

Circle Vibrate Sieve

Sieve Applications
The circular vibrating sieve is an ideal machine for the production line, so it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries for separating different sized granules with a multilayer screen mesh through the use of vibration.

Working Principle and Features of the Circular Vibrating Sieve
The circle vibrating sieve uses a shaft coupling and motor. The vibrating chamber consists of an eccentric wheel, rubber cushion, main shaft, and bearing, etc. The adjustable eccentric heavy punch driven by the motor produces centrifugal force to make raw materials move in vortex movement in the vibrating sieve. The vibration amplitude of the heavy punch can be adjusted according to the raw material type and sieve size.

The whole structure of the circular vibrating sieve is compact, causes no dust, has low noise, low energy consumption, and is convenient for moving and maintenance.

Technical Parameters of the Circular Vibrating Sieve
Model Output (kg/h) Sieve (Mesh) Power(kW) Overall dimension(mm)
ZS-365 60-500 12-200 0.55 540*540*1060
ZS-515 100-1300 12-200 0.75 710*710*1290
ZS-650 180-2000 12-200 1.5 880*880*1350
ZS-800 250-3500 4-325 1.5 900*900*1200
ZS-1000 300-4000 5-325 1.5 1100*1100*1200
ZS-1500 350-4500 5-325 2.0 1600*1600*1200

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