Fine Grinding Machine

Fine Grinding Machine

Main Applications and Features
This fine grinding machine consists of three parts: a main machine, auxiliary machine, and electric control. It offers compact design, no screen sieve, size grading, and can accomplish grinding and staging in one step. Since the heat produced from the grinding chamber is exhausted continuously, it also can be used for grinding heat-sensitive materials. The fine grinding machine is widely used for chemicals, foodstuff, medicines, cosmetics, dyestuff, resin, shell materials and so on.

Technical Parameters of Fine Grinding Machine
Model WFJ-15 WFJ-18 WFJ-36 WFJ-60
Capacity (kg/h) 10-200 20-450 60-1000 100-1500
Size of feed material (mm) < 10 < 12 < 15 < 18
Grinded size of product (mesh) 80-320 80-450 80-450 80-450
Total power (kW) 13.7 19.07 38.85 65.2
Rotate speed of shaft (r/min) 4500 4480 4000 4000
Overall dimension L*W*H (mm) 5410*1660

We are a specialized fine grinding machine manufacturer in China. In addition to grinding equipment, we also offer drying equipment, sieving equipment, granulation equipment, and mixing equipment.

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