Grinding Equipment

    1. Universal Grinding MachineThe grinding equipment can grind materials into powders by taking advantage of the impact force between the movable tooth disc and fixed tooth disc, and the shearing force and friction force between materials.
      The grinding machine is characterized by simple structure, reliable operation, and high crushing efficiency. The crushed material produced can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber.
    1. High Effective Grinding MachineThe high effective grinding machine consists of a grinder, EXC material collector, and ESC dust collector. It solves the dust flying problem during grinding. The grinder, material collector and dust collector are all made of stainless steel, for easy cleaning and reliable operation with low noise. It also conforms to GMP requirements.
    1. Fine Grinding MachineThis fine grinding machine consists of three parts: a main machine, auxiliary machine, and electric control. It offers compact design, no screen sieve, size grading, and can accomplish grinding and staging in one step. Since the heat produced from the grinding chamber is exhausted continuously, it also can be used for grinding heat-sensitive materials. The fine grinding machine is widely used for chemicals, foodstuff, ...

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