Granulation Equipment

    1. Fluid Bed GranulatorThe fluid-bed granulator is a new style of coating equipment that combines spraying technology and fluid-bed coating together. As a result, it can achieve uniform and continuous coating of the product surface.
      The fluid bed granulator is widely used in coating powdered, granular, and pelleted material, slow-release control film coating, matrix slow-release control coating, moisture-proof coating, and more.
    1. Granulating Coating MachineThe DZB multifunctional granulating coating machine is capable of: fluidized drying fluidized granulating, top spray granulating, bottom spray coating, turbojet granulating, turbojet function, and more. It is suitable for the granulation of products for the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, health products, and chemical industries, for such purposes as tea polyphenols granulating, slow-release
    1. Fluidized Bed GranulatorApplications in the pharmaceutical industry of the fluidized bed granulator include the production of medicinal granules, capsule granules, and low sugar or no sugar granules of Chinese medicine.
      Foodstuff usages include the production of cocoa, coffee-mate, instant tea, juice dissolving granules, flavoring and so on. The fluidized bed granulator is used in many industries, such as agrochemical, ...
    1. High Speed Mixing GranulatorThe high speed mixing granulator is a new generation of wet-mixer granulator, developed based on the old model but adopting newer technologies, this model provides the perfect integration of both. Its working principle is: powdered material is mixed into a wet, soft material by the bottom mixing paddle, and then it is cut into wet, uniform granules.
    1. High Speed GranulatorThe high speed granulator offers less heat and little dust during operation.
      The fixed screen is made of stainless steel, and the gap from grind knife to screen is adjustable.
      It can also handle adhesive, colloidal, heat sensitive, and wet materials.
    1. Pelletizing Granulating MachineIn the pelletizing granulating machine, damp granules are fed into the rotating centrifugal disk, where they then fall into a circular rope pattern. Through the forces of the air, rotating centrifugal force, and gravity itself, they then become highly rounded pellets.
    1. Turbojet Fluid Bed Granulating MachineThe turbojet fluid bed granulating machine is widely used in granulating powdered material, enteric coating, slow-release control film coating, and other coating for powder, granule, or pellet material. Some of the granulating machine uses include lysine granulating, granulating and coating for phytase crude, enteric coating of kitasamycin, herbicide granulating, herbal extract granulating, ...
    1. Fluid Bed Granulating Coating MachinePowdered material or seed granules in the rotating fluid-bed of the fluid bed granulating coating machine fall into a circular rope pattern. Through the forces of the air, rotating centrifugal force, and gravity itself, they then become highly rounded pellets. In the meantime, binder or coating liquid is sprayed into the material layer to form a pellet with high roundness, or to achieve continuous and uniform film coating.
    1. Rotary Granulating MachineThe rotary granulating machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and chemical industry, and is particularly popular for creating medical granules. It can also be used for very sticky materials. The soft material is forced through a sieve under the extrusion force of a grinding impeller, then the uniform length is achieved by the cutting force of an outside scraping impeller.
    1. Food Flavor Granulating Drying MachineThe TWG Model food flavor granulating drying machine is highly advanced, using leading technology. It uses a mixer, wet-method granulator, continual producing dryer, separating sieve, and more. It is suitable for granulating, drying, and sieving chicken essence, fungus essence and many other flavorings. This line utilizes a continuous, enclosed production process and automatic feeding and ...
    1. Chicken Seasoning Granulating Drying MachineChicken essence is very popular in international market. Our chicken seasoning granulating drying machine is designed for producing high quality chicken essence with high sanitary standard and scientific production processes.
      In order to meet customers' different demands, we can offer chicken seasoning production machines ...

We are a professional granulation equipment manufacturer in China. We offer a fluid bed granulator, chicken seasoning granulating drying machine, circle vibrate sieve, and belt drying equipment, among others.

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